When can I expect my documents to be attempted?

All orders are attempted as soon as possible.

Depending on our workload and daily assigned route, a standard service order might be attempted in One Day or up to Seven Days.

If you Must have an attempt earlier than 7 days, we highly recommend that you order Rush service. Rush orders will guarantee the first attempt is made in One to Three days.

Do I need to prepay for service?

Yes, we require prepayment prior to making attempts.

Do you provide a proof of service or nonservice affidavit?

Yes, we provide proof of service and nonservice affidavits. Free notarization is included when needed or by request.

How many addresses will you go to?

Each order for service includes one person or entity, one address and one case. We will attempt multiple addresses per your request. A full fee would apply to each address provided.

Do you provide GPS data with your attempts?

Yes, the process server will photograph the location and use mobile software that will document the GPS location. Technology is not full proof; GPS data is occasionally not available during inclement weather, rural areas or limited-service areas based on mobile providers.

Do you take photos of the attempt/service location?

Yes, the process server will photograph the location only when safely possible.

A photo is taken inconspicuously and when it is safe. There is definitely no flash photography, even at night. Our best efforts will be made to provide a photo, but it is not guaranteed.

What happens if you are unable to serve the documents?

Service is not guaranteed. Documents are unable to be served for a variety of reasons. It might be due to a bad address, or the person evades service. If we are unsuccessful, you will be provided with an affidavit which details the due diligent attempts. The affidavit can be included in your file asking the court for alternative service. No refunds or credits are provided if service is unsuccessful.

I need an address. Can you help me find someone?

Yes. We can assist in locating someone for you. Please call to provide details.